Sustainability is our commitment

Our corporate vision has always consisted in respecting the environment and the ecosystem, which is why our values, processes and products are proudly “Crafted by Nature.”

We invest in cutting-edge research and technology to devise materials with low environmental impact and high percentages of biomass.

Penna Coronet

Letter to the stakeholders

Coronet S.p.A. recognizes corporate social responsibility as a determining factor for its own strategic development and searches for an approach aimed at enhancing the value of people within a business model oriented towards economic, environmental and social sustainability. The Company’s commitment is manifested through the creation of new products, seeking higher environmental sustainability through activities aimed at reducing impacts, monitoring the use of energy resources, involving staff, communicating and building relations with stakeholders.

It is thanks to this effort, and through research into production processes that are increasingly efficient in terms of lowering energy consumption and environmentally harmful emissions, that the Company has developed, in recent years, the innovative and sustainable lines BioVeg, H2O and Yatay, a new generation of materials strongly oriented towards reducing the environmental footprint, certified and constantly evolving, which will be officially launched in 2022.

Coronet S.p.A.’s strategic vision is based on a profound approach to values, matured over more than half a century of activity, that spurs the company to assume the role of promoter of responsible behaviors towards the community and the development of the country, in compliance with the expectations of current and future generations.

Our company has undertaken the writing of its first Sustainability Report for the financial year 2020, and with the second edition for the year 2021, we want to continue to make objective and transparent the objectives we have achieved, the performance we have measured, and the goals we have set for the future. Innovation, Research and Development, respect for the environment, ethics and transparency are the pillars of the strategy with which Coronet S.p.A. intends to best meet future challenges. Particular importance is attached to the Company’s employees in every role and function to whom, on the occasion of the publication of this Sustainability Report, we would like to extend our special thanks.

Lettera Coronet
Lettera Coronet

Our Company has more than 50 years of history

Coronet is a leading manufacturer of alternative materials to tanned leather for the fashion, footwear, leather goods and automotive manufacturing sectors.

We have been bringing value and innovation to the field of polyurethane coatings since 1967, and our work is internationally recognized. We constantly strive for quality, which is why we create and manufacture revolutionary, qualified and highly sustainable products.

Coronet heads an international group with six production plants located in Italy, China and Vietnam, to which the Synt3 plant was recently added. This acquisition has increased our expertise and production capacity, expanding the service offered to the market.

We are present in the European market, particularly in Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands and Finland, the U.S. and the U.K., and in the Far East market.

Our numbers

Years of activity
Sales revenue
Linear m² of product sold by
da Coronet Italia
Production plants
Sustainable lines:
BioVeg and Yatay

Accountability and Transparency

Coronet S.p.A. is a joint-stock company owned by De Marco Enrico, for a quota of 5,750 ordinary shares (1%), by De Marco Umberto (19%), for a total quota of 109,250 ordinary shares, and by Alteria S.r.l. (80%), for a quota of 460,000 ordinary shares.

The members of the Company’s Board of Directors are Umberto De Marco (President of the Board of Directors), Jarno Tagliarini (Chief Executive Officer) and Massimo Bonomi (Member of the Board of Directors).


The values, vision and mission of the company

As a company, we are well aware that growth objectives must meet the respect of clear and shared values and protract commitment to the environment and society. That is why we have adopted a Code of Ethics, a document that encompasses our company policy, based on and inspired by the principles of fairness, transparency and loyalty.



Equity of authority

Competition and conflict of interest

Environment and safety

Liberality and sponsorship

Sustainable product lines


The path of technological innovation and containment of environmental impacts passes mainly through sustainable production processes, that result in our eco-friendly product lines.

BioVeg is the line of products made from post-consumer recycled polyester and bio polyols derived from no food competition and GMO free corn crops.

These are materials with the highest percentage of raw material derived from natural renewable sources, yet maintain high aesthetic and performance standards.

The materials that make up the BioVeg line use only selected polymers with high resistance to aging. According to the ISO 1419: 2018 (E) Method C “Tropical Test” standard.



13 billion



4.9 billion



3.3 billion


Arable land

4.9 billion


Food and feed

1.24 billion


Material use

106 million***



53 million

*Compared to global agricultural area **Including about 1% fallow land ***Including Bioplastics

H2O is the line obtained through a production process that is free of chemical solvents and uses innovative water-based resins and microfibers. Its creation is the result of state-of-the-art techniques that our R&D department has studied to create a completely solvent & water-free material.

Coronet’s certifications

It indicates that a product has been cultivated/manufactured sustainably and safely. It aims to increase the trade and use of materials produced from natural sources.
It attests that the recycled polyester in the fabric originates from post-consumer salvaged material, recognizes and ensures content from recycled materials.
It certifies the correct forest management and the traceability of the viscose used in our materials. It guarantees that the product has been made with raw materials deriving from forests according to its principal standards.
The PETA – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals certification is attributed to companies that undertake not to use raw materials of animal origin in the making of their products.
It promotes ethical, sustainable fashion that respects all animals. It values the commitment of companies with its own ethical rating: using no animal derivatives, Coronet has been rated VVV+, the best level of the rating devised.
ISO 45001
ISO Standard 45001 specifies the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system and provides guidelines for its use, to enable organizations to provide safe workplaces by preventing workplace injuries and health problems.
ISO 14001
It is the regulatory reference for companies and organizations with an Environmental Management System. The standard defines an ‘Environmental Management System’ aimed at managing environmental aspects, meeting legal compliance obligations and addressing and assessing risks and opportunities.
ISO 9001
The ISO 9001 Standard defines the requirements for the realization within an organization of a quality management system, in order to conduct business processes, improve the effectiveness and efficiency in the realization of the product and in the supply of the service, obtain and increase customer satisfaction.

Our evolution

A fundamental chapter in the company’s history, but also a decisive milestone in its growth as one of the leading multinational corporations in Italy’s market sector.

Synt3, a historic Italian company and leader in the production of PU materials, enters the Coronet Group

A fundamental chapter in the company’s history, but also a decisive milestone in its growth as one of the leading multinational corporations in Italy’s market sector.


Yatay, a new hub of technological innovation, was founded

We also want to invest in the future through synergies, which is why we founded an attractive hub for sustainable startups in partnership with Golden Goose, a historic Italian company operating in the green luxury sector.

Future goals

UN Agenda 2023

We want to write the future through the implementation of circularity in production processes and the creation of renewable, increasingly sustainable and zero-impact materials.

As a company, we are aware that we can make a difference and we will concretely implement it by contributing to some specific goals of the 2030 Agenda. The action plan launched by the UN and composed of 17 sustainable development goals aims to break down poverty, fight inequality, in order to foster social and economic development.

One of the main goals that goes in the direction of reducing emissions and combating the environmental impacts generated, is in fact to become a Carbon Neutral company by 2030.

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